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tree on the quest

I take adam for a bikeride this morning, intending for it to be a fifteen minute cruise down to the little lake near our house. But we get there, and he is unimpressed.

Leeeeooooniiiiiieeeeeeeeee, I want to go to the big lake.

No way Adam, it’s 30 kms away.

I don’t care! We can do it! Let’s do it Leonie!

N O! There is no way I can do it!

YES! Just do it! We can do it!

I submit. I think to myself – what would spontaneous Leonie do?
“Fine. You crazy military freak.”

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I felt like I was at boot camp. He’d keep insisting:

You can do it! You can do it!

So we rode. And we rode. And we rode.
And we rode further than I ever, ever, ever have before.

I keep thinking: there is no way I can do this.

But as the road unfolds, and the wheels swallow the metres,
a confidence in me grows. Maybe I can do this. Perhaps indeed. Yes I can!

At the half way point we turn back – not for me – but to Save Adam’s Ass.
We sit by the road for a little while and I think:
I never would have thought I could have come this far.
I thought it was impossible.

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I calculated it when we straggled back home {Adam got a flat tire 500 metres from home!} – today we rode over 30 kilometres.

Here’s to the crazies, to the misfits, to the ones who seek outside the box.
To the ones who don’t take no for an answer.
and to all those who are doing the impossible things.