As many of you know… I went to equine constellation therapy yesterday… which ended up evolving into “just” equine therapy… which was just what was needed. I cried a lot… both happy and sad tears… and was given so much healing and teaching by those horses. It’s still settling into my bones… and I’ll keep working with the lessons… go back and do some more… but I’m feeling grateful to have experienced this healing modality at last.

I spent my childhood on a horse’s back and by a horse’s side… including one summer I spent crawling around on all fours in a muddy paddock attempting to become a part of the herd of wild horses that lived on our farm… I knew and know now even more deeply just how much of a blessing that was… those horses (and my dogs) got me through some profoundly scary and challenging times. It’s like coming full circle to come home to them again… with an even deeper understanding of what it is all about.

I’m off for the next week on a much needed health retreat… the longest time I’ve been away from my kids… the longest time I’ll have been “alone” since I was 18. Being with myself is the best way I restore myself and gain those big insights. After a difficult year of many challenges and lessons… and a broken immune system… I need this time of deep solace.

I’ll see you when I get back… in the meantime my team is still here, answering support emails, publishing posts, getting 2017 workbooks ready for sale mid-November… I’ll share more about equine therapy and my healing journey once I understand it more… once it settles into my heart. I just watched this video and had a big cry remembering just how much I was loved up on that paddock yesterday by those animals.

Have any of you experienced equine therapy? Would love to hear your stories… add it to my well of understanding.

Gentleness and blessings and love to you…

P.S. For those who will want to know… I went to Peakgrove Solutions… they are just north of Canberra. I also just remembered my dear reiki mentor Gini Eagle offers it too… must go experience that too! She’s just south of Canberra at Ingelara Retreat.


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