Consider this your very, VERY special invite to the best party of the year…

Earlier this year, I connected with my new friend Lizzy Goddard and to my utter delight she invited me to take part in her summit!

look at Lizzy’s giraffe onesie, is it not literally the best thing you’ve ever seen?

Here’s the delicious scoop:

This summit exists to help business owners like you discover brilliance. Nearly all of us have tried everyone else’s ideas, only for it not to feel aligned or not work the way we thought it would.

This summit is going to help affirm that it’s not you. It’s them. 

Bottomline, the best, most impactful + profitable biz decisions come from you.

Obviously we can get inspiration from others. But it’s about taking that inspiration and turning into something that fits in with your business and values. In fact, seeing other people doing their thing just might be the thing you need to connect with your creative self and download your best biz idea yet. 

And that, my darlings, is where lovely Lizzy and her Online Business Playground Summit come in.

The summit includes a group of 30 varied and diverse speakers (including moi!!) to talk about the moments they were brave enough to take action on some out-there ideas:

💡 Ideas that didn’t play by the rules.

💡 Ideas someone might have told us were terrible.

💡 Ideas that seemed more fun than strategic, but twe said yes to trying out anyway.

But most of all, ideas that taught us they can do business in a way that allows us to:

🦄  feel truly authentic within the business

😍  genuinely look forward to working 

🙌🏽  trust our own ideas and intuition

All for FREE!!

So, what will I be talking about at the summit?

My presentation is all about how I run A Million Dollar Business Without Social Media!

I would be fucking THRILLED if you signed up and came to cheer me on. (And maybe even get inspired enough to break up with social media!)

The event is happening September 20-23rd, and my presentation will be available for 24 hours from the 21st of September 12am PT!

I can’t wait to see you there!

Love always,

P.S. Registration for the Online Business Playground Summit is OPEN! You can get your free ticket, or upgrade to a Play Pass for extended access, wicked sweet illustrations, and over $3,400 in bonuses from now for a GIANT discount! This won’t be available forever, so get it while it’s hot.