Possum blossoms!

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Sora from the Devoted Way podcast and we had a blast!

Let’s cross over to Sora for all the yummy things you’ll listen to in this ep:

  • Leonie’s 21 day challenges for herself and how she will try just about anything for 21 days! (no social media, no smart phone, comic creation, meditation)
  • How Leonie is no longer on social media at all and how that has drastically shifted things in her life
  • Wealth and well being, becoming financially literate and investing in ethically managed funds
  • Writing to her newsletter every day, there seems to be so much more engagement in that space then there was on social media

Plus! Rather than trickling the first season weekly or bi-monthly, I found myself leaning into the idea of revealing the entire season in one go. For you see, I love having the option of listening or viewing a show at my own pleasure and leisure. Why not create the same experience I know I love on Netflix by creating a podflix?

Introducing a celestial journey called S.T.A.R. – a magical gamified podflix. STAR stands for Stellar Transformational Act of Reverence and this 13-day challenge was created in honor of your wisdom and presence.

Why thank you, Sora! Now, back to Leonie A.K.A me… (I feel like a news anchor, ha!)

Ready to listen?

Click HERE and settle in with a cuppa!

Happy listening, darlings!