I thrill myself, I do! So punny! So charming! Such a magnificent wildebeest! I’m the complete package! 10/10!


It’s true though. I mean, yes, the part about me being a magnificent wildebeest and the All American Beauty I am, except, in this case, I’m Australian.

Really, I mean about the overall confidence.

In that I just feel so bloody COMPETENT in overalls.

I stride about, thumbs hooked in pockets, surveying the landscape, selecting my next project.

I almost feel like I can (GASP!) build IKEA flatpack furniture without throwing an ill-advised tantrum when I am wearing overalls.

The key word here, of course, is almost.

Incase you are wondering, I have these fancy out-around-town overalls.

For gardening, art projects and slobbing about at home getting dirtttty, I have cheap cotton blend maternity overalls from Big W. MATERNITY! BECAUSE! COMFORT!

Also, this post is not sponsored. They never are. Unless of course, you mean, sponsored by the fact I have broken my little toe because I was walking too stridently in the house and stubbed it most enthusiastically on a tile corner. If I’d been wearing overalls, I wouldn’t have done this of course. Because I would have been too confident, too competent, too drunk on my own power and spatial awareness.

Anyways, it is throbbing and purple (my toe that is) and I didn’t sleep very well last night, so my brain is a wee loopier than usual. Some famous authors need to get drunk to achieve this level of lucid creativity. Me? I just need to get 8 hours of sleep instead of my usual 10 and WEEEEE! WE’RE OFF ON A MAGIC CARPET RIDE OF OVERLY LANGUID NEURONS!

I wonder if it’s also the compound effect of having kids sick on and off for three weeks now. They are tag-teaming their sicknesses, not even doing us the solid of getting sick together. This is actually me as I am writing this, with my 11 year old curled up beside me, too sick to go to school but well enough to play “My Fingers Go For An Adventure Walk All Over Mum’s Head and Face While She Works.”

Heaven help us all.

Also: I probably need to put overalls on again to cope with All Of This. Maybe even nap in them.

In solidarity,


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