Can you feel the creative adventure calling you? It’s in the winds.

Imagine if our beautiful Mother Earth was a healed and transformed living planet?

I’m wondering what that would look like for you – I know we all have our own ideas. Some wacky and wild, some tender and graceful, some radical and revolutionary…

It ‘s so much fun to imagine new worlds and new possibilities.

It may also be your calling.

I have always firmly believed that we’re all here for a reason.

What if that reason is to heal and transform the world through your creativity, imagination + the gifts you bring to the world?

This gentle call to adventure may start out as a little nudge or it may be singing in your ear all of the time.

It’s undeniable that this Earth is going through a transformation.

I’m guessing that you’re feeling it too. In the deep places of your body, your heart, your spirit and your mind.

Everything’s getting an upgrade, yet it can feel like an uncomfortable stretch and it’s not always easy to move through the tension.

Enter your playful, adventurous, curious, Creative Spirit… it knows exactly what you need!

It’s time to pack your bags for a 4 day VOYAGE into Creativity, Healing and Transformation.

Imagine going on a Sacred Creative Journey from the comfort of your own home… and with your Creative Spirit as your GUIDE. 

It’s time to open up to new creative horizons and listen to the call of your own Wild Soul!

That’s why the delightful Alexis Cohen – visionary artist and creativity mentor has created The Art Medicine VOYAGE.

During this FREE four day virtual creative vision quest, me and a whole crew of other artists, healers and visionaries will co-create an adventure where healing, transformation and creativity come to PLAY.

The Art Medicine Voyage will weave together juicy creative conversations and practices that will support your emergence into new creative territory over four days from June 10th-13th 2021.

Grab your spot here for freeee:


What will it mean for you to listen to the call of your soul with the courage to say YES and take action?

Your YES is a big activator for adventure. It’s the first step in upleveling your creative life.

When we come together and create devotional art in service to transformation- a new vision for your life and the planet blossoms into being.

The Art Medicine Voyage is an invitation for you to cross the threshold into creative expansion and transformation. If you feel the call of New Earth in your Wild Creative Soul, I invite you to connect with the community on the Art Medicine Voyage and activate the powerful next steps on your adventure.

When you join us for this online VOYAGE (via your home computer or mobile device), you can expect to:

  • Activate your Art Medicine adventure by answering the call of your Wild Creative Spirit. You’ll learn to let your Spirit be your guide and connect more deeply with your creative intuition.
  • Prepare the vessel of your body through self-care, nourishment, inner listening, self-love. Honoring your own body and valuing your unique creative expression. We create with our bodies. What we create moves through us and transforms us.
  • Navigate the waters – learn to open up safely to the creative power that is coming into the world through you. Supporting you to live in flow and move through the challenges into the unknown.
  • Anchor in the new world – When you create, you are healed and transformed. You are re-created as you create the New Earth through you. Landing in your new reality, you’ll be supported to share the gifts and wisdom you have gained through your journey.


As an artist who supports other artists of the new paradigm, Alexis knows that when you walk hand in hand with the Divine the new creative horizons that are ready to be explored during this powerful time of global transformation will be revealed to you and through you. When you activate your YES, the guidance you need to take your own next steps is given…

I can’t wait to see you there. Join me and the crew of artists, healers and visionaries on the FREE Art Medicine Voyage on June 10th-13th 2021. (All faiths and spiritual belief systems are celebrated and welcome!)

Reserve your spot for The Art Medicine Voyage here:


Let’s come together to activate the next phase of this big life adventure into a New Earth.

On this virtual online VOYAGE we get to cross the threshold of creative expansion and transformation together

Come and play!

With love, creativity and a bit of magic,

P.S. The Art Medicine Voyage, hosted by Alexis Cohen, is an online event where artists, healers and visionaries can come together, deepen your skills, play with creative exploration, and activate your Wild Creative Spirit. June 10th-13th. Sign up here: Activate your YES on this adventure!