I sat down with Heidi Marke from The Overwhelm is Optional Podcast to talk all things overwhelm!

Here’s Heidi’s delightful show notes:

I had the absolute honour and pleasure of interviewing the amazing Leonie Dawson.

Leonie is an award-winning entrepreneur who has created $11M in 10 hours a week whilst being fully herself.

This is a very special episode which I believe you’re going to get a lot from.

Leonie blazes a trail – not just for those of us who wish to work fewer hours whilst earning loads of money and making our impact on the world but more importantly, she is herself, and that, for me is where I learn the most from her.

I’ve had such a journey with burn out and overwhelm, so it’s an honour to be able to share that journey as well as all the tools, tips and tricks in my arsenal!

Ready to listen?

Head on over HERE and listen to our hot takes on managing overwhelm and burn out!

Big love!