Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today’s studio peek is into the creative goddess studio of Violette Clark.

Violette is a Canadian author and mixed media artist who lives in a purple magic cottage. She’s probably best known for her art journaling and book Journal Bliss however Violette pretty much likes to do anything creative including revamping found objects. Sometimes she calls herself a “dumpster diver” however she’s never actually jumped into a dumpster to retrieve the trash that she transforms into treasures. Violette loves to inspire folks to embrace their creativity through her blog and youtube videos. She teaches workshops in Canada and has a few online classes too!

What do you create?

I love creating lots of things – i am best known for my art journaling but i love making anything inspirational. I make mixed media pages which are like journal pages, transform them into prints, magnets and notebooks.

I create 3-D creatures like the “freaks” which really are whimsical creatures that encourage you to “fly your freak flag” and be loud and proud of your eccentricities.

Transforming trash into treasure is another one of my creative activities. I’ll take anything like discarded tin cans, broken skateboard table (made into a side table), old doors and give them new life.

Oh and i sew and make purses too! My Magic Cottage is a work of art as well – i paint all the doors and have transformed my home into a Pee Wee hermanesque meets Alice in Wonderland home. It’s been featured on Weird Homes TV show. I think i have ADD!

When do you create?

I create almost daily although much of my time is taken blogging and writing, marketing or shooting videos. I am definitely at my happiest when i’m making something or simply drawing.

Why do you create?

Creating for me is a compulsion – it’s akin to breathing…..i swear if i could not create i would die. I enjoy inspiring women and encouraging them to embrace their creativity so in order to do so i put my art and process out into the world. Art has repeatedly saved my life so i love to share the healing qualities of art with the hope that it will save others too.

Where do you create?

I have a backyard studio i call Creative Juice Studios however i create everywhere including my kitchen counter where most of the drawing and sketches come to life. The studio is usually used for more messy pursuits such as mixed media and 3-D creations. You really don’t need much space to create…..you could even do it on a tv table. Years ago i had a smallcorner in my bedroom with a drafting table and that acted as my studio space for a number of years.


Thank you so much Goddess Violette for the peek into your studio!

Check out Violette’s Youtube channel here & blog here.