Dearest hearts,

You make me cry. And my heart swell.

I announce the Ittybiz Benefactor Program, & I pray pray pray that we’ll be able to help as many as we can. I pray pray pray that we won’t have to say no to goddesses who are aching to be in sacred space.

And what happens?

We get women who say Yes, I need the help of an earth angel. I need to be sponsored.

And we also get women saying I would like to be an earth angel. I want to help. Let me know how I can sponsor other goddesses into the Goddess Circle.

If anyone ever, ever, ever asks me how I know miracles and angels and Great Spirit exist, I will send them the link to that post and tell them to read the comments.

If I ever ever forget to have hope in just how incredibly beautiful this world is and how utterly divine and good people are, I will read the comments over and over again.

So, dearest hearts, I am sending you a wicker basket of love and homemade melting moments and tiny sparkling cushions as a Thank You from the top and bottom and sides of my heart. Thank you for helping make people believe again.

We have over 60 applications from goddesses who need an earth angel for sponsorship – we’re trying our ding dang hardest, but it’s more than we can possibly fill. If you were wanting to be a “glitter level benefactor” {as one of the gorgeous goddesses called it!}, and would like to donate some or all of another goddess’ Circle membership, I’ve set up a donation button below.

Update: If you are having problems with the Donate button, you can either paypal me your donation to, or email me & I can arrange a Paypal invoice. Thanks so much sweet souls!!!

Earth angels UNITE!!!!

big love you so much,