i’ve discovered a new thing i love to do…
photographing goddesses.

it is a deep joy and honour to witness moments when another allows you to see their soul. it is a deep joy to watch them glow as they remember the beauty that lives inside them.

i did photo shoots for four women~goddesses while on retreat. and with each one, i learned so much. i gasped as they evoked. my insides radiated as they did. and after, leigh took me aside, and asked me to do it for more women. create sacred space and document the goddess in everywoman there.

with joy, i will.

georgia amarlia

dear you,

you beautiful, beautiful woman.
i see you crescenting from maiden to mother.
you with the ocean icelandic wide open baby wise eyes.
you of the divine head wraps, the tribal urbane threads.

amarlia the healer.
amarlia the wife.
amarlia the artist.
amarlia the WRITER.
amarlia the discoverer.
amarlia the goddess.

this is all of you dear.
you are present, and you are love.

when you took that drum between your hips, and that apple to your mouth. magic and lifetimes dwelled there.

you are the songs of xavier rudd. barefoot dancing, thumping in the earth.
you are READY.

you hear and feel the energy. you are laughter and warmth, and gentle hugs, wide eyes and a smile that flights at the corners of your lips.

it was a deep pleasure to meet you, sister.
and to witness the miracles of you evoking goddess, and allowing me and my lens into your moments.