Last weekend me + my eldest kid did a DIY project together… took a brown pinboard out of her bedroom and decided to make it over.

And it was only later that I remembered I did this same project with her 11 years ago… but she was in my belly then. And now she’s taller than my shoulder with limbs akimbo and I think: HOW. HOW DID YOU ONCE FIT INSIDE ME.

But she did. And we made art together then. And we make are together now.



Before: the basic bitch pinboard edition

After: Starry mixed up a few blues with a wee bit of black and some iridescent medium for a custom border colour that we painted on together. Then she tore through my magazine stack and decided to just use black and white images, mostly of fashion she likes, along with some text chunks. She arranged it, we glued them on with PVA glue, and did a coat over the top to finish it. My input was fairly minimal, to be honest. That’s the great thing about kids. Give birth to them, and eventually they’ll do their own DIY projects for you to feast your eyes upon.

I love her vision + design sensibility… it’s totally not what I would have thought of – it’s a bit pared back + classier than my tastes (ha!) and it’s just perfect.

She’s now festooned it with polaroids of her besties, patches + prints from her favourite illustrator, and the odd sloth sticker here and there.

She’s like… full tween now, guyz!

And I didn’t take any photos of us making it, but here a photo of what we did while layers were drying:

Me and her and her little sister planted some more herbs in the Vegepod. Added mint, spring onions, coriander and a tomato bush to the verdant crop of basil, thyme, parsley and chives. I haven’t had much luck planting veggies in the Vegepod. For me, it works better as a Herbpod. I may not be able to grow food for us to eat, but I sure can make sweet kids + paint stuff.

Anyways, making shit is fun. So is seeing your wombfruits grow up and make their own cool shit.

Big love,

P.S. Goddess willing, I wonder what she’ll be making in another 11 years?

My mind explodeth.


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