Darling hearts,

Today I want to provide you with some tools and things to do when you’re feeling really anxious.

  1. Talk it out with someone empathetic and compassionate, who’s willing to listen instead of “fix”
  2. Spend time in nature and the outdoors
  3. Name three things you can smell, see, feel and hear
  4. Intuitive healing (Kerry Rowett and Hiro Boga)
  5. Controlled breathing
  6. Journalling
  7. Mantras
  8. Ask yourself questions: “Is this going to matter in 5 days? 5 months?”
  9. Exercise
  10. Orgasming
  11. Medication
  12. Essential oils
  13. EFT (tapping)
  14. Therapy (CBT)
  15. Reading about CBT can have a similar effect to actually doing
  16. Knitting (and other repetitive arts)
  17. Colouring
  18. Yoga and Pilates
  19. Talking to your doctor
  20. Art journalling
  21. Acupuncture
  22. Weighted blankets
  23. Firm hugs (mammalian care giving response system + Kristin Neff)


Explicit AF

Just to reiterate: this is one sweary motherfucker of a podcast. So if you listen to it around kids… they will defo learn some new vocabulary from Aunty Leonie. MWHAHAHAHA. ENJOYYYYY!

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