Hola gorgeous Goddess sisters,

I’m delighted to announce the launch of the very first Soul Sister Sessions podcast!

It is:

Raucous laughter. Sacred stories.

Wild tears. Practical wisdom. Just what a Goddess needs.

It is:

co-hosted by me & my beautiful soul sister Kyeli from Connection Revolution.

We’re water signs (Scorpio & Pisces).

We laugh like wild women & cry at the drop of a hat.

We swear like sailors.

We tell long stories that return us home to spirit.

We are two women living as Goddesses.

It is:

A dance of sacred, profane, profound, hilarious & feel-good.

It is deep soul sharing & heart whispers & business wisdom & life succulence.

It is us gathering you in our arms

and pouring all our love & soul sister wisdom into you.

It is:

Soul Sister Sessions.

Get Loved Up By Your Soul Sisters Now


If you’re having problems using the player above, you can:
listen or download & save by clicking here.

We are right here.

We understand.

group hugs & teary love & celebratory “first podcast!” sashays!

P.S. FAQ Time:

Soul Sister Sessions will be released bimonthly, or as spirit calls!

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