Hola my darlingheart,


I’ve been wildly going through ye olde ancient computer archives this week… pulling out luscious goodies to go into the PRINTED.REAL.LIFE.BOOK. *And* because I’m awaiting arrival of my Dream Machine – my first pimped-out custom-made MacBook Pro laptop. With enough memory to record podcasts & do video editing & photoshopping (all at once, as I am want to do!) without breaking into sad violin songs. AND it’s got an ANTI!GLARE!SCREEN! so I can camp outside & write & actually be able to see the screen! Revolutionary! I tell you!


That was a very long way of saying:

Heyooooo loooook what I found!
Something cute & delicious for youuuuuuuuuuu!

I made this poster way back in the day when I was a public servant. I can’t remember the exact moment it was born, but I’m pretttttttty sure it was in one of those 4 hour long “strategy business plan power point ya ya divisonal outcome” meetings.

I listened VERY carefully and attentively during those enthralling meetings.

(Yes, once upon a time I was not a professional goddess! I was a public servant! I used to joke that my mission was to spread glitter deep into the belly of the beast. Except it wasn’t really a joke. It was just a disguise. Because I had a secret mission. To spread glitter deep into the belly of the beast. Get it? It’s so deep! Like an onion! Layers!)



During those meetings, I would make cute posters for myself to cheer myself up. They were also a preventative to help me run screaming from the building with boredom. In that realm, these posters where suuuuuuper useful.

Well, no longer shall this poster be just for me!

Dear Strategy Business Plan PowerPoint Ya Ya Divisional Outcome Meeting,

You were very productive.

Look at this outcome!

A very pretty poster! Released to the wilds of the internet!

Sent to make people happy the world over!

Love forever,

Get The Most Productive & Happy Thing Ever To Come Out Of Those Meetings:


Off to go get blue streaks in my hair!

love, your favourite meeting renegade,