Hola beautiful souls,

I decided to start keeping a vlog-diary-bleary-eyed-pregnant-goddess thingy.

Rules are as such:

1a.) I will make them as honest as possible

1b.) I will not make things sound deeper/better/lovelier than they are

2.) I will do them exactly as I am (hello bed-hair and inside-out-pyjamas)

3.) I will try really, really hard not to make any excuses about them (that I frequently forget things during them, that I may not sound grateful for being pregnacious, that my fringe is untamable)

I think that’s all the rules. I forget 😉

Anyways, this is for three groups of peoples:

1.) Me and my lil family. It will be really nice to have a video record of this time.

2.) For anyone (bless their souls) who might be interested in the riveting details of this woman’s body (and life) changing.

3.) For any goddesses who are up the sacred duff too, and might find these helpful – or just really, really useful to hear another woman’s sacred duff story.

Okay, no more dot points.

Just the video. Splendidly imperfect as it is.


Mama Goddess Journey: Week 5 and 6 from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

Oh! New thing too! I’ve set up a new page that will begin housing all the Mama Goddess posts, videos and resources. Yay! 

Have a beautiful day, wonderbugs,

love ya’ll,