Hola beautiful women sisters,

It’s that pregnacious goddess tradition again… my own honest, crumpled, lovely diaries of being pregnant.

This week, I talk about being a flexitarian, and other very important sharings from the pregnacious journey… so important that I’ve since forgotten in the 24 hours between here and making this video.

I used to have the memory of an elephant, now I have the memory of a goldfish, but I don’t really care. I feel like I’m floating along in a big wide happy soft ocean, so anything else doesn’t really matter.

And, as always the rules are as such:

1a.) I will make them as honest as possible

1b.) I will not make things sound deeper/better/lovelier than they are

2.) I will do them exactly as I am (hello bed-hair and inside-out-pyjamas)

3.) I will try really, really hard not to make any excuses about them (that I frequently forget things during them, that I may not sound grateful for being pregnacious, that my fringe is untamable)

But first… Gigglefest!

We were given our first baby sling yesterday… and I thought I really should get some babywearing practice in!

Thus I invented a new sport! Puppywearing! hee hee hee!

Angelcakes rather enjoyed it, and she was the most quiet & soothed she has ever been… hmmm… there must be something in this 😉 hee hee hee!

My 19 week pregnacious diaries…

Mama Goddess Journey – Week 19 from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

If you’re wanting to catch up on all the pregnacious stories and videos, head on over to the Mama Goddess page.

And guessa whatta?

It’s the best week ever!

20 weeks pregnant… my parents arrive Wednesday, on Thursday it is my birthday, we have our first ultrasound & we see merchild for the first time AND we find out what we are having!!! Best birthday surprise ever!!! Then on Friday my lil sis arrives, and my family womenfolk will be communing with my women’s circle for a sacred blessingway ceremony they are holding for me.

I am so, incredibly blessed.

big love,