Hola gorgeous goddesses,

I found this picture today… and found it so very beautifully symbolic.

It’s me when I was 20, holding my nephew Joshua, standing in front of a painting I did when I was 17 that symbolises everything that is mamahood, sacred and family to me.

It amazes me… that seven years later, here I am, gestating my own little child, and gestating my own mama self.

Today is my birthing day.

Today, my parents have flown from the other side of the country to celebrate with me.

Today, we are going to see our child via ultrasound for the first time, and find out if we are having a little god or goddess (or twins!) – You are most welcome to place your own intuitive guesses in the comments! hee hee hee!

Today feels like the birthing day of not just my birth, but my child’s birth too… and a birthing of my mama self.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for this beautiful journey I am on.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for letting me share it with my one true love, Christian.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for my ancestors, my mama, my papa and my siblings. Thank you for my circle of soul-friends.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for every gift you have given me, lesson you have shown me, transformation you have taught me.

You have shown me how truly I am loved.

Thank you,