Hola beautiful souls,

In keeping with my brand new tradition, I made you a video diary of Week Seven. Messy and sick and teary and honest.

And, like last week, the 

Rules are as such:

1a.) I will make them as honest as possible

1b.) I will not make things sound deeper/better/lovelier than they are

2.) I will do them exactly as I am (hello bed-hair and inside-out-pyjamas)

3.) I will try really, really hard not to make any excuses about them (that I frequently forget things during them, that I may not sound grateful for being pregnacious, that my fringe is untamable)


Now before this post, I just want to make a goddess warning. This one is emotional. And rough. And I let you in on my worst day yet. There is a happy ending though. Just telling you, because I like knowing how things end.

Pregnant Goddess Diary – Week Seven from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

So there you go… my journey… as big and shifting and hard and glowing as it is…

And if you’re wanting to catch up on all the pregnacious stories and videos, head on over to the Mama Goddess page.

So grateful to be here. So grateful you are here.

Group hugs,