Hola sweet goddesses,

Just a quick one (that ends up getting really long and swirly and train of thoughty) – I didn’t get around to letting you know about sponsorship opportunities for August (I think I was too busy with the whole Oh my goddess! I’m pregnant! thought-feeling-emotion-processy thing.)

(Moment to pause and reflect on that. Yup. Still huge. Still woah. Still bigger than words. Holy dinger.)

Anyway, what was I saying? Ahhh yes… Leonie has placenta brain. 

And she forgot about August sponsorship.

And she occassionally drifts into third person talking.

She also just made some ridinkulously delicious GF sundried tomato, spinach and zucchini muffins. As my sweet friend Deb says “Mother of the Year! I made a quiche and felt like Mother of the Year!”

tee hee hee. Deb has a profound way of making me giggle.

This is not the quick post I was intending of writing.

What was I saying? Before the whole “I’m in love with Deb” thing? And the holy delectemo melt-in-my-mouth muffins? And being mother of the year?

Something about sponsorship.

Just realised I haven’t felt like puking for a good two hours. So I should REALLY run into the kitchen right this very moment and try and sneak down some of those massive pregnancy multivitamins before my puke-reflex works out what’s going on. Wow, pregnancy is sacred.

Just thought about how big those pills are.

They scare me.

I’ll put off thinking about them until I (finally) manage to finish writing this post.


No more talking from pregnancy brain.

Apparently there is a moral to this goddess story?

Oh yes. I forgot to talk about August sponsoriness because I was too busy thinking about pregnancy multivitmains.

And I looked up from my navel-gazing (never has this term been more appropriate in.my.life) and realised it was midway through August ALREADY.

Dude. What happened there?

So what I’m doing…

is having a Sponsors Special. Otherwise known as Enlightened Pregnancy Brain Sale.

For the usual $70 for four weeks of advertising your awesomeness and amazingness, you get six weeks of pure, unadulterated goddess attention. That’s like umm… 50% more. Right?  High five me if I’m right. *air high five*

And if you really felt like it, you could hook yourself up with as many months as you like. So like, two months will get you three. And so on, into infinitum. Because it’s because-ness.

So if you buy right now, it will take you right through to the beginning of October. Which is a very, very long time away. By then I will be like… much rounder in the belly.


If this is a-calling you, and you’d like to share your amazingness with all the goddesses who congregate here, you can book in your sponsor spot at the Enlightened Pregnancy Brain Price here. (And yus, it says it’s only for a month, but let’s ignore that. You know and I know it’s for six weeks. It’s our thing.)

Okay. Yay!

It’s time for me to jump back on the pregnancy-multivitamin horse. Pwetty pwease wish me luck.

love, your green-ish Goddess,