Hola treasures,

One of my bosom buddies is this magical chick. Her books are hands down the best law-of-attraction stuff I’ve read because they are so damn grounded.

She’s taught me so much about money + self-worth. Plus, I’ve met her in person, and she’s been a bloody good mate for a couple of years now. She always impresses me, and I’m not easily impressed to be honest.

Anywaysies, this is a curly long way of saying that I was watching some of her videos, and one of her mantras is “I Serve, I Deserve.”

And I thought it was so beautiful, I decided to make myself a poster to hang in my studio.

I instagrammed it, immediately got asked for the printable. So here I am. Telling far longer stories than are necessary.

(Nope – this isn’t some fancy schmancy JV or promo plug or anything like that. I just can’t pull myself enough together to give enough of a strategic shit like that. #sorrynotsorry. I talk about DDT because she’s the real deal who has taught me so much in our years of friendship.)

Here’s it hanging on my studio wall (right above my desk where I’m typing this now).


(Includes cards, torn out magazine pages, my own drawings + paintings, and some prints from Lori Portka, Leah Piken Kolidas & Julie Turner).

Have a bloody wonderful day, tresh.

Love you long time,

P.S. I wrote this draft really late at night.

And here’s how it ended:

Cuddle a banana today, tell it it is beautiful and that it is worthy…
and then let the banana tell you the same…

And that’s why Leonie doesn’t take drugs, kids. Because HOLY SHIT. WTF. Hahahahahahahaha!