The question you’ve all been asking.

Cogitating on all night long.

Pondering, musing, mindcycloning about:

But what IS a Leonie?

Take heed, I have heard your cries.

And I present to you:

Leonie: The Infographic!

what is a leonie coloured SML leonie is made up of coloured SML


Creative Task: What are YOU made up of?

You should TOTALLY do a pie chart of yourself. It’s PHUCKING PHUN!

That’s a REALLY good idea, Leonie!

So much so I made a template for you to print + do your own on! Colour/collage/whatever it in! It’s rather delish!

And if you share it on social media, tag meeee so I can seeeee pwetty pwease!

Click below image for big file!


blank personality pie chart leonie dawson

SQUEE!!! Can’t wait to see!!!

Love + bongo drums shaped like bums,

P.S. Have a bloody delightful day, dearest!


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