Goddess Calendar Planner Workbook

Hola gorgeous Goddess!

I’m so proud. SO proud.

I know that I’ve created the right thing when I am itching to use it myself.

When I need what I have made.

And I am so relieved to have this baby in my hands.

To start really feeling and witnessing the ginormous challenges, wisdom & medicine that 2010 bore me.

And start visioning what I want 2011 to be… and how I can give it to myself.

Thank Great Spirit.

The Workbook is bigger this year. Even more powerful and delicious.

With a flipping CALENDAR included too.

Still under $10, to make it as easy & incredible for you as possible.

Want to see what the magic is all about?

(P.S. Goddess Circle members, don’t forget – you get it free in your membership… check your inboxes, dearests!)

Big heart love & gratitude,