Hello my darlinghearts!

It’s time again for an Ask Goddess Leonie question!

A gorgeous goddess in ze Goddess Circle shared recently:

I’ve been in love with doing this one thing for a while now. And I totally loved it, and was making a business with it. But now… now… I feel I should be doing this other thing. I’m really excited about it. But I’ve spent so long building my other business. What do I do? Do I stay with the first thing I built my business with? Or do I totally change?

You know, I’ve been talking about this with a few friends lately.

That it’s really, really, really okay to change your business direction and follow newer, bigger passions, and what feels more profitable.

And how do I know this?

Since I started my business six years ago, I have sold (in chronological order):

  • t-shirts through Cafepress
  • a self-published book
  • art prints
  • original art
  • commissioned artwork only
  • retreats
  • face-to-face circles
  • e-courses
  • coaching
  • meditation kits
  • workbooks
  • Goddess School
  • Goddess Circle

And that’s just been in six years!

I’ve never just done One.Thing.At.A.Time.

I’ve overlapped them.

I kept doing older, more established, profitable things while I grew new parts of my business to test if they were sustainable, fun & profitable.

And then found the happy balanced middle spot.

Doing what I love & getting paid to do it!

Imagine something for me…

Picture your business like a beautiful tree.

You are the core, the trunk.

It’s up to you what branches you want to shoot out.

You can have as many branches as you feel able to support and nourish from the ground up.

Sometimes you’ll decide to prune back old branches to make space. Sometimes you’ll send out new shoots to see if they’ll take.

Sometimes your tree will be overflowing with fruits of your creative inspiration. Sometimes it will be losing leaves as it renourishes itself from the soil up (that’s kinda what I feel like I’m doing right at this moment.)

The core of your business is you and your essence and spirit. The branches are just different ways you can offer those gifts of you to others.

Your business will change. It will evolve.

It’s organic and shifting, just like you, dearest.

You are magical dearest heart. You have my total love and *squeeing* cheerleader pom-pomery as you grow your business branches, as you work out your path, as you send down those beautiful roots of yours deep, deep down into the earth.

You can DO IT!

big love