Let me share with you the wonderful interview I did with Ellen Holzschuster!

Ellen says it best!

“We are talking, thinking, pondering and laughing about 

  • soulful living and what does it mean 🙏🏻

  • what it means to live your dream 🎨

  • how to honour your soul and get your crazy mind and ideas “straight” 🎯

  • why it is so important to listen to your dreams 👼🏽

  • what’s the most important promise and dedication you have to make to live your best life ♡

  • a 30 second exercise how to get clear on what you really want – stop the talk and “just do it”! 📝

  • being an active part of your life and co-creator 👩🏼‍🎨

  • stepping into your divine assignments 👸🏻

  • stepping out of old dogmatic and patriarchy structures to create a life and business you love 🧹

  • facing all phases of life and be true to yourself ꩜

  • being the most colorful scorpio and being such an open book 📚 psst: scorpios love secrets – BUT you are always more than your sun sign ♏︎

  • her inner shift this year and how she deals with it 📅

  • my kind of colorblindness – ahm forget about that 👓”

Head HERE to listen!
With abundance and love,