Goddess of the Garden… one of my originals… looking back on these make my heart happy…

Hola sweetest pea,

It’s time! Time to make your dreams start sprouting green again!

I haz some questions for you to help…

Finding Focus

What is the Big Thing you want to do right now?

Do you have enough time and energy to put energy into every goal right now?

Can you focus on just one goal?

What if you had different days of the week for different goals?

Doing Less More Mindfully

What do you need to do less?

What do you need to do more?

What do you need to do more mindfully?

Cutting down on brain clutter

What things can you cut down on to reduce your brain chatter?

Can you have a media break from newspapers, news websites, blogs, creativity sites?

Can you turn the TV off more?

Can you set aside a part of each day just to sit in stillness and not do anything?

Living life more intuitively

I’m a big “To Do” list person. I think I need to have things all worked out in a linear, structured, dot point way to achieve anything. What if I took more time just to trust that things will be done, and listen to what intuitions are coming up each moment, each day?

Can you try a day where you listen to your intuition to see what needs attention next?


What are your answers? What is your Big Dream?

I beeeeeelieve in you oh so much,