Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today we are peeeeeeeking into the beautiful studio + life + spirit of one of my favourite creative mamas… the Goddess Maggie Ann.

Maggie Ann is a mama-poet, lover, photographer, painters, sketcher, lullaby singer, nursing goddess who spends her days facilitating the creative growth of herself, her 8 month old son, Arlo Wade, and her partner, Josh. She is a seeker and a finder, she has long since falling down the rabbit hole of mystical curiosity and daily pursues higher understanding. Her art is a reflection of that striving, as well as a by-product of living a life of curiosity and adventure, seeing things from the perspective of her blossoming son. Her art often focuses on self-portrait work, capturing the intricate complexities of new motherhood. It most often takes form in poetry/prose or photograph, but can also be seen in hand made clothes for her son, sketches quickly drawn in moments of repose, and most recently the poetry of motion as she creates video collages of special discovery moments. She lives to love, and loves to create.

Where do you create?

My being was created, and it creates.

Where ever I am, I aspire to create.

Where my feet step,

Where my hands work,

Where my words weave,

Where my breathe whispers,

Where my heart loves,

I create.

When do you create?

I create in the sleepy morning hours while my baby rests.

I create in the warm afternoons while we laugh and play.

I create with my baby on my lap.

I create with my baby crawling on my legs.

We create together, always, a collaboration of

curiosity and adventure.

I create in the dusk of the eve when sleep has found my baby’s being,

and I have, finally, found some time to my self.

I create alone, all the while thinking, and loving,

our together moments,

inspired by the ultimate creative-activity of humanity.

What do you create?

I create in word,

In deed,

In melody.

I create in image,

In phrase,

In the whisper of cloth against my baby’s skin.

I create moments,



I create peace,




And love.

Why do you create?

I create to learn,

I create in seeking,

I create to find,

I create to love,

I create to say thank you.

I create to recognize the Holiness all around me.

I was created, therefore I create.


Thank you so much beautiful mama!

To see more of Goddess Maggie Ann’s gorgeous world + inner world, head to Maggie-Ann.com.

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