Hey homegirls,

Guess what’s coming?


You might have noticed there’s been a wee facelift around these parts.

Buckle your seatbelts party people, there’s more to come. Over the next few months we’ll be doing a full rebrand.



(This is NOT what the finished product will look like. This is just an in-between brand. Because I’m not the most patient person in the world, and when I get a wiry fankle to change, it’s gotta be done NOW. I do love a good change!)


To be honest, it’s a wee bit scary (but exciting) to actually do a rebrand.

It’s a reflection of how much I’ve changed over the last few years, how much I’ve been transformed and how much I’ve grown. I’m not exactly who I used to be three years ago, and that’s okay. In fact, that’s how this whole evolving thing is supposed to work!

It’s getting to the point that my old website no longer felt exactly like me.

And for some reason, I keep thinking of part of a poem I wrote when I was a hormonal teenager in a boarding school dorm room. It doesn’t make that much sense, but it also does:

Outside doesn’t look

how inside should

clearly I see now I’m misunderstood.

And I totes don’t feel misunderstood 14 years on from that. In the intervening years, I’ve realised that the only person who ever really, really needs to get me is me. And that’s worked out bloody tops. Me & my ole best friend Leonie!

Anyhews, I think of that poem because as I’ve shifted, my inside and outside both shifted. Over the last three years I’ve gone through Saturn Return, a dark night of the soul, the time to face everything so you can be reborn. I’m not who I was before.  I chopped all my mermaid hair off. I’ve let go of a hometown, a way I thought life would be, a whole bundle of family relationships that were no longer working. Let go of my book collection, burnt 15 years of journals, sold and donated my art collection to the local nursing home. And moved.

And when I did, I found the life that was waiting for me all along.

Leonie with pixie hair, who is way more sage and strong and savvy.

Leonie who recognises her needs and gets them met.

Leonie with lots more boundaries.

Leonie who is softly creating and ferociously protecting her wee family’s sacred space and peace and gentle dream life.

Leonie who has talked a lot about spirituality and you’re-okay-as-you-are, and now is ready to talk about business and spirituality and you-really-are-okay-as-you-are AND you-need-action-to-make-your-dreams-come-true.

All in all:

I’ve changed.

And my website needs to reflect that.


Rebranding is all about making the outside of your business look the way your insides do. – Click to tweet this!


Let’s Talk Moolah + Rebranding


Doing a rebrand is also a big investment for me!

I’ve been doing all the graphic design elements myself in my hodgy-podgy pull-it-together way ever since I started my wee lil biz.

I’ve bootstrapped my business this whole time (i.e. not taken outside investment, bought whatever I needed to for the business out of earnings and my personal savings.)

And now my wee lil biz that could has turned into a half million dollar a year booming blooming company, it’s time to bring in more support in this area.

And I just know it’s time to bring in an expert to help me wrangle pixels into the perfect aligned place.


Let’s Not Freak Out About Leonie’s Brand Being Bland Though!


Never fear though – it’s still going to feel very Leonie-ish. My art + writing will still form a huge part of the brand. It’ll just be cleaner, clearer and with lots more space to breathe.

And dare I say it? A wee bit more polished.

I had a fellow soulful entrepreneur say something to me recently which cracked me up.

When she did a rebrand of her website, one of her fans said:

“It’s too polished! Your work is so deep and sacred it cheapens it by looking so polished!”

This intrigues me on two levels:

1.) With a beautiful piece of crystal, do we think it looks less beautiful or heals less powerfully when it is polished stone? I don’t believe so. Polishing just allows us to see inside the stone more clearly.

2.) Should all deeply sacred and powerful work be limited to just a few people accessing it? I don’t believe so. The more we can make our offerings more accessible, clear and safe for people, the more healing can happen in the world.

So that’s where I’m at with that. Rebrand hoorah!


What’s Next?


We’re finding our perfect graphic designer as we speak.

We wrote our business specifications of everything we require + need to get done.

We’ve been gathering inspiration of what we like + how we think things should look.

Looking at graphic designers, working out if they are the right fit for that.

It’s kinda difficult to find a graphic designer who:

  • is available soon
  • answers emails promptly
  • has an up to date website.

Please graphic designers, I beseech upon you, if you’re really wanting work, update your website and reply to le emails!

Have a few intro calls with graphic designers, hoping we find our Design Knight In Shining Armour so we can have a permanent relationship with them with new programs and websites coming out.


I just know it’s the perfect time for a rebrand. And I know it’s going to make a wonderful impact both on my income and in feeling like everything in my business is congruent with me.


I’ll let you know how it goes.


Stay tuned homegirls!

Big hugs and lurve-balls,


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