Tonight I lay in the darkness

on my bed

I had a headache

Thoughts running through my mind

I would begin feeling anxious with each nervous thought

~ that I was not performing at work as well as I could

~ that I hadn’t studied enough

~ that I was behind on things

With each thought, I would feel my heart begin to race

and my headache would strengthen

and my eyebrows would pinch together

I became conscious of my thoughts and how my body was reacting

So, with each wafting anxious thought, I let it ~go~

as simple as that

I felt the fear and the worry

then let it go

It wafted away in the air

It felt so much better ~out there~

They no longer owned me

My thoughts were no longer my master

I felt so relieved when I let my worries go

The universe just accepted them and swallowed them up into its energy

And they became insignificant

Try it sometime.