Walking around in the land of creating can feel quite like an adventure hunt in a mystical, magical world. Some days it is joyous & exciting, some days it is a little overwhelming and scary. Where to go next? How? Why? When? Navigating the unknown territory is definitely a journey of the soul.

It always feels like such a gift when I find books and websites that share treasure maps and stories from the Creative Frontier.
Here are my favourite treasure maps. Blessings on your creative and soulful trail-blazing. May you birth out your Dream~Miracles into this world.

The Shortest Distance between You and a Published Book by Susan Page
The SEED Handbook by Lynne Franks
The Medicine Woman’s Guide to Being in Business With Yourself by Carol Bridges
Make Your Creative Dreams Real by SARK

You can self-publish your own books, photo books and comic books using and
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Crafting for cash by Kathy Cano Murillo
Publishing your own book by SARK
Inexpensive adventures for leading an artistic life by Penelope Dullaghan
The Superhero Guide to creating a creative business by Andrea Scher

Resources I’ve created
How to create a website for your great big dream
Sacred Pricing – how to charge for your gifts and feel good about it
On Putting Yourself “Out There”

I created the six week Creative Goddess eCourse as a journey to help you discover and celebrate the Creative Goddess inside you. It’s chockablock with videos, meditations and projects to get you creatively & sacredly inspired.