Hola gorgeous hearts!

Another cute creative family project we did together… this time with hunky love included!

We found this old uggle-fuggle rocking horse out at the farm…

The paint was peeling, the colours were so-not-us, the tail looked really sad… and its painted eyes really creeped us out. Just being honest here. That’s what besties do.

We decided to transform it from peeling + uggles into a turquoise wonder…

Ostara takes one last ride on it before it becomes purdy…

And why YES! That is the paint-splotched floor of our verandah… it’s where we do all our creative projects!

When we moved in, hunky lover pointed at half the verandah and said…

And that there? That’s where you can go to town with paint with Starry and art. Don’t worry about cleaning it up. If we ever sell, we’ll just repaint that whole area. You might as well just enjoy yourself!

Why thanks hunky love! Gawd you’re hot!

SO. Anyways. We proceeded to paint the whole thing with paint left over from the Creative Caravan. It was the perfect shade of blue anyway – so why not?

And the finished product!

We embellished it with a saddle made out of zebra-printed foam.

And made the mane out of pink + magenta fluffy wool… added striped ribbon for bridle & reins.

More wool + a ribbon for the tail!

Tiny felt wings (to make it a Pegasus! YEAH!)

And embellished it with felt hooves too!

All in all: TOO CUTE!


It was definitely a family project…

I would have gotten photos of us in the process of doing it…

but it was a flurry of paint, wool, felt + toddler wrangling…

Messy and happy and glorious… as all family creative projects must be!

I feel so proud of us for doing it… from blah to gorgewa in 1.5 hours!


The Awesome Dawsons!

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