Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I’ve been blogging for seven years now. Blogging – just like anything – can be sacred. It can be filled with soul-medicine and lessons.

Here are the big five I’ve learned in keeping blogging sacred.

1. Write with Spirit

What if you wrote when your spirit calls you?

What if you knew that whoever needs to hear the message will hear it?

What if you wrote knowing that blogging is a sacred act of blessing the world?

What would you write if you were a channel?

2. Stop Comparing Yourself

This has been my big medicine to learn – and I suspect I’m not the only one.

Let’s form a revolt. A radiant, ravishing revolt.

One where we stop comparing our own precious lives with others via stat numbers, comment numbers, or how our lives “look.”

I have felt too much the desire to mould my life to Look a certain way so it is more presentable/radiant/marketable on my blog.

But babe, if there’s one thing I know about this beautiful world of ours… is that our humanness and the thousand myriad lovelinesses and oddities that make us us… that’s what we most need.

We need our different voices.

We need ourselves.

Please don’t abandon yourself at the door of Comparison.

You are loved, and you are so ding dang needed.

3. Your Life Is Not Your Blog

Don’t do stuff just so you can blog about it.

Blogging should always remain one component of life living, not the sum expression of it.

I found these journal pages from years ago… I think three years ago?

And I remember when I wrote them… I was feeling like I fiercely needed to reclaim my life again, and give my life, creativity & spirit some beautiful balance back.

Blogging feels much more balanced for me now – especially since I made this reclamation & declaration for myself…

I wanted to share this glimpse into my own process with you… for wherever you are on your blogging journey… whatever you need to give yourself… however you choose to share… and whatever sacred lessons have been showing themselves to you…


4. Give Yourself Time Out

We need it.

Take Time Out regularly from blogging.

Take Time Out from reading other people’s blogs.

Take Time to re-centre with your purpose, who you are beneath the blog and who you wish to be in this world.

Sometimes reading other people’s blogs gets me outside of my own brain and can hinder my creativity.

Time Out to get back to dancing my own dance is muchos needed.

Remember to apply Cave Time to your blogging adventures.

5. Keep Perspective

Ask yourself the big questions.

If my blog isn’t popular (however that may be defined), what does that really mean on my own soul level?

If I don’t blog every day, if I lose some of my audience by following my own heart, if I am not Queen of The Blog Universe – what does it mean?

Not much. Not much at all.

There is still the moon and the stars and Mama Earth waiting for me to sit on her.

There is still my beautiful dog waiting to heal me with his eyes.

There is still my own sacred, precious life to live, blissfully unblogumented and blog-free.

What are your Blogging Principles?

What keeps your blogging sacred?

Many blessings to you, and me, and all of us,
as we walk our paths of Spirit to find home,
{including as we blog}

You are loved beyond the stars & back by a thousand bazillion angels,