Hola my darling hearts,

You know when you are like super, super proud of something you’ve created?

A new piece of artwork, some writing, a cake… anything?

And you just want to show it off?

I’m like that about new lil parts of my website right now.

For those of you checking out the blog at its home at Goddess Guidebook, you might have noticed a gorgeous new rainbow plethora of buttons.

And yup, they are buttons. Little digitalgrams of rainbow goodness, denoting the way to where my goodies live.

And yet, I’m still so creative-mama-proud of them.

In love with them.

Loving the bigness and the rainbowness and the scrumptiousness of them.

Totally perfect signposts for all the products I’ve created and am so so proud of.


Here’s what I’ve been creating lately!



There’s one product missing from it: the Creating your Goddess Year workbook & planner. I’ve been getting emails everyday asking when next year’s one will be released. I planned for it to be Christmas Eve, but have a feeling it might need to come sooner. So – as soon as it can be born, the 2012 one will be released.

Handy hint: If you are a Goddess Circle member, you’ll get instant access to the 2011 one – and will get the 2012 one FREE when it’s released. Along with ALL the rest of my products!!!

I’m so excited about this (Southern Hemispherian) summer… summer & Christmas are ALWAYS my creative season & I’ve got SO many things in the creative works to share!!!!



love love love,