Hola gorgeous goddesses,

I’m totally attempting to constrain myself and not blather all over the keyboard this morning.

But I can’t help it. Thank le goddess it’s somewhat water-resistant.

So I have something muchly muchly special for you.

And muchly special for me.

I *ark* interviewed *ark* SARK.

I found SARK’s books ten years ago, and instantly fell into big love. She is rainbows and unicorns and groundedness and funniness and love and sacred spirit and sensuality and sass and womanhood and friend all in one.

And here we are, all this time later… giggling and crying with laughter over the phone to her.

This interview is like *woah* massive.

I don’t want to give the plot away, but in it you get WORLD SCOOPS on:

* her world-wide vibrator adventures
* what book she is now working on
* and (gasp) the name of her upcoming memoirs.

Yup. World scoops. You heard it here first. *gigglesnort*

Bonus: You also get to hear us screeching Happy Birthday at the end. It is a thing of great beauty.

Interview with SARK from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

I’ve made the audio interview into a video so you could see pretty pictures while you listened. Because I loves you.


SARK’s website is www.PlanetSARK.com & her forum is at www.SARKforum.com.


Now can someone please hold me. I’m all weepy with happy tears.