Hola gorgeous goddesses!

I wanted to give you an update on all the happenings and goings ons at Goddess Guidebook.

There’s so many things blooming and blossoming that I’m so excited to share with you.

I’ll be doing these site updates more regularly now so you know what’s on offer and what you might be called to. As always, trust your intuition and go with what works beautifully for you. 🙂

This month

This month has been holy big and glorious at Goddess Guidebook. I’ve interviewed some amazing souls for the blog including the luminous Jen Louden (and another one with -ohmygoddess- SARK! is popping up in a couple of hours). I’ve been interviewed for some gorgeous blogs (I’ll let you know when they are up.)

I’ve also been writing up a blog-article storm with all sorts of goodies on living a sacred, creative, abundant Goddess life.

Here’s my top six blog articles for the last month:

* How to create a website for your big dream

* Career Guidance for Young Goddesses

* How to Meditate – for Lazy People

* Top Ten Self-Help books for your journey

* How to Shamanic Journey

* Space Clearing 101

And of course…

The month’s round up wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Key Zen Habits poster. Since giving it away here, it has been downloaded over 10 000 times. It’s been completely wonderful, and I’m so glad it’s helping so many people.

New course!

I’m deep in the middle of finishing my next course, and will be telling you all about it in the next week or so. It’s completely magical & totally different from my Creative Goddess e-course but just as powerful and needed.

And how do I know it’s needed? Because I really, utterly needed it. So much so that I’ve partnered with someone completely incredible to combine our superpowers and make a double-goddess course. I wanted to make a course that was spiritual AND practical all at once… once that would make such a difference in all our lives. So… ARK! It’s *coming*!

I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

*happy sigh*

Which reminds me….

Goddesses on my mailing list will be getting an early-goddess discount on the course. And the reason I’m bringing it up is this – last time I ran a course, 45% of the lovely Goddess readers signed up for it. Which is holy-incredible.

But I’ve realised I only have 25% of my beautiful readers signed up on my list. So that means there is like 20% of you out there who are probably going to buy the course but will miss out on the extra early-goddess discount. So for sweet sale’s sake… sign up. Because I likey likey to give you preferential treatment. 🙂

And even if you’re not sure what you’re wanting right now… that’s totally cool. Jump on the mailing list because I’m also working on some free goodies for mailing-list goddesses. Yay!

What gorgeous else?

Are you on Twitter? I’m playing on there too. I’m @Leonie_Dawson.

My love & I are off this weekend to learn how to play the Native American flute on one of our friend’s beautiful properties. Holy dinger I’m excited about it. I shall be the pied piper! I’m convinced this could be the one instrument I might just be able to play. My sweet love being the musical GOD he already is has been practicising on a little tin whistle just so he can top of the class. I’ll be the giggling gert at the back making the flute sound like a whale’s mating call. I figure, that’s still sacred, right? hee hee hee…

Then I’m off for a couple of days on retreat. It’s been three years since I was last there, being healed in its cream womb and golden fields. Time to go back to my cave for a little while, before I re-emerge to share what I’ve learned there.

I’m so so grateful to be on this journey.

And I’m so grateful to be sharing it with you.

So that’s what’s moving, shaking and singing loudly along to Bette Midler in my world…

Thank you so much for being here, and thank you for being you.