I had an hour between a business meeting and school pick up yesterday.

And I could have worked. My to do list is big. But the river was just there. And I’ve been longing to go on it for mooooooonths.

And so I said

“Today is the day I make my own dream come true.”

And I hired a kayak and gave my bag and laptop and shoes to the nice kayak dude and I hauled up my meeting clothes and I DID IT. I DID THE THING I HAVE BEEN CRAVING.

I paddled that kayak up the river and watched the water and the pelicans and the sky. And I laughed and grinned wildly.

And then I let the tide drift me back, blissful as fuck.

Sometimes it doesn’t take as much time or money as we think it will to make our own dreams come true.

Please do it possums. Say yes to the kayak whenever you can!