Even though I’m still on break, I feel like I have so much good shit to share with you at the moment!

I’d loooove for you to come join me and some top-notch luminaries as together we expose lack-thinking and limiting beliefs in all their forms in an online event starting June 12:

“Scarcity-thinking Sucks. So Do Limiting Beliefs. Let’s Dissolve Them, Own Your Power, and Get You Back On Your Feet Reaching for the Stars!”

Unworthiness, scarcity thinking, fear about your future…and all those kinds of limiting beliefs that hold you back and hold you down?

We’re going to expose, derail them, and clean them out of your life.

This year, so much is changing as we develop “new normals” and allow ourselves some freedoms again. This is why this is the ripest moment to do this work.

You are ready to emerge fresh and clean, hopeful and rewarded.

Everyone involved with the summit span all different specialties, so we’ll be looking at limiting beliefs in your relationships, work, health, in your connection to your own inner being…and so much more.

The result of this series of interviews? You’ll discover a dazzling, clear path in yourself toward comfortably being seen, lose the worries about your future, and experience newly energised relationships with those you love.

You do not have to suffer any longer. It is time to emerge and let all those old beliefs go.

No more scarcity thoughts.

No more feelings of unworthiness or being less than able.

No more fears about not succeeding, working hard with no payoff, or being on the wrong path.

Come join us as we plunge deep into the word of nourishing renewal, clarity and confidence. And, every luminary in the series has a free goodie bag (with free meditation audios, kits, quizzes, books…all kinds of neat stuff!) for you!

This event starts on June 12.


Big love,