During this fallow restorative phase, I’ve swapped my focus from CREATE > CONSUME to CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME. I mean… it makes sense. I created a shit tonne last month (including 30 days of blogging & podcasting), and have been on a creative roll for months (including creating Sales Star). It’s about time I rest on my laurels and soak in other people’s creations instead of birthing my own!

I still am not yet “back to work” yet, I’m still waiting for that instinctive GO button to light up green… but I wanted to share with you some of the goodies I’ve been consuming lately with great gusto.


Nightsongs from SALT Project on Vimeo.


  • Glennon Doyle has a new podcast out and it’s already my favourite. It made me laff and weep and all the good things.
  • A reader sent in this wonderful interview of my beloved SARK. If you don’t own all of SARK’s books already, OMG WOT ARE YOU EVEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE GO NOW AND FEAST UPON THEIR RICHES.
  • I was out partaying with one of my young friends in their 20s (because I’m like SO HIP GUYZ FIRE EMOJI FINGERNAIL EMOJI 100 EMOJI ALL THE EMOJIS) and as we were driving back, she played this song for me. And as we drove along the ocean road in the dark, we yell-sang this song, then played it again. It’s hilarious & glorious & everything. And that memory of us, driving along, singing our hearts out to this song, will be one of my favourite memories of this year.BEHOLD:

Pretty Things


I think what I like about writing and reading blogs is that it’s pretty close to writing letters. Remember those? There’s something way more intimate about this kind of “keeping in touch” than the social media kind. It’s like slow food or slow fashion. It takes more time, but that also means it takes more *thought*, more *heart*.

I will never not love blogging.

And now we get to beam at each other and go make something beautiful.

  • I fell down a rabbit hole researching The Basecamp Situation (aka whereby the software company’s two straight white male founders decided they didn’t actually want to tackle racism in their company, and 30% of their staff quit). The Verve have two useful articles. Jane Yang, a (now former) Basecamp employee, also wrote an open letter to the two founders.
  • This dude tried becoming a paid foot fetish sex worker & failed.
  • I fell down another rabbit hole… a much happier, lovelier one this time! I discovered Susan Branch and I don’t know how I didn’t know about her sooner because she is all kinds of wonderful. A prolific author, watercolour artist, illustrator, blogger… who has been creating since the 80s and has built the most amazing readership of “girlfriends.” It’s everything I’ve ever wanted to be and more. I’ve ordered some of her books + she is just delicious.

Ha! Clearly I’ve been consuming and collecting like a wild thang!

This doesn’t even count the glorious TV and books I’ve been inhaling whole. I’ll share those with you in another post soon because that’s a WHOLE THING all of it’s own. I’m like a firehose of information when all you needed was a wee cup.

Righto, I’m off to flop about some more.

Big love,

P.S. Also, I have started DIY projects around my house. And by DIY, I mean “paint everything in sight turquoise.” STAND BY.


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