Pooky bears,

What have I been up to?


All the things. I’ve been up to ALL THE FUCKING THINGS.

Firstly: I’ve been reading a lot of books and blogs & watching TV a lot.

I fucking loved Anne with an E. And Love on the Spectrum. And Enola Holmes.

I also watched some comedy specials.

And I couldn’t just watch comedy shows. I had to draw the comics at the same time.

Because what does Leonie easily get? BORED. So what must Leonie do? KEEP HANDS BUSY WHILE MIND SOAKS UP LOLZ.

Gosh, it’s a REAL surprise that I got diagnosed with ADHD alongside ye olde autismz right?

First up: I can’t stop thinking about this chick because she’s just so gloriously fucking wild and she makes me want to be even bolder and braver.


When I first saw her open for an Amy Schumer special a few years ago, I didn’t get it at all. But now I do.

Fuck she’s glorious. She’s feminist + sexy + irreverent + subversive. I am INTO IT.

I bought Bridget Everett: Gynaecological Wonder on iTunes. I think you can also get it on Amazon Prime in the US. I watched a bunch of her short sets on Youtube first, got addicted and then bought. I laffed myself senseless.

I watched James Acaster’s 4 part Repertoire series on Netflix a few years ago – it is genius. My youngest kid likes the way he moves his body and she finds him Very Funny. She even went so far to say that he was Her Favourite James In The Whole Wide World and I said HOW VERY DARE YOU JAMES TAYLOR IS THE ONLY JAMES THERE EVER WAS AND WILL BE. And she said “Oh Mummy, you’re funny.” But I was SERIOUS.

Anyways, Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999 is his new work. It’s fairly different from Repertoire in that it’s more personal. He talks candidly about his mental health issues and episodes, and sometimes it feels a wee bit like Hannah Gadsby’s groundbreaking Nanette. If, you know, Hannah’s girlfriend left her for Mr Bean. Which absolutely did happen to James. And he goes into heartbreaking & hilarious detail about it.

So yes. James Acaster. Nowhere near the #1 James in the world, because all the top 100 James are James Taylor. But a funny fucker nonetheless.

Righto, that’s all. Email me with TV, movie + comedy recommendations if you please!

Big love,

P.S. Two posts in two days. Does this mean I’m BACK? Nope. It means my brain is getting a wee bit full from all the stuff I’ve been collecting, and the only way to organise it all is to write about it all. SO… ENJOY!


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