Gosh I’ve been finding some bloody wonderful things lately to read, think about, be inspired by.

And… you guessed it… NONE OF IT WAS ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

Settle in with a cup of tea as I take you on a roaming tour of Glorious Things I’ve found!

I’ll never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do in the realm of relationships, but I’ve listened to enough of this stuff from various sources to suspect that “twin flame” relationships seem to be nothing more than insecure, anxious attachment styles colliding with avoidant attachment styles in disguise. These kinds of relationships seem to create trauma bonds that keep one party stuck in a holding pattern far, far longer than is healthy….

The whole thing. Garbage. Trash. I’ve been in therapy way too long to buy this bullshit anymore. I’m over it. I’m not here for it.

Accurate. via John Saddington.

I can’t stop laffing over this. So simple. So great. Via, of course, The Oatmeal.

Marketers are often most successful at marketing their own marketing.

Is online advertising working? We simply don’t know.

I called a local car dealership while Aaron was taking care of something else, gave them a list of specific VINs that interested us, and asked that they send us a list of their bottom-line prices; that we would not counter or negotiate because we didn’t have the time.  Rather, if the price was good enough, we’d come in and buy the car, if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t even bother returning their call.  Within ten or fifteen minutes, the gentleman who had given us his card during one of our test drive trips called us back and gave a list of bullet points, model by model.

Life is not just more peaceful without a smartphone, it has great effects on your productivity too. More ideas, better results, memory, concentration… Most of the good ideas I have brainstorming are during these moments where everyone’s on their smartphone, waiting in line, commuting on the subway, etc… These “waiting” moments when you can instead let your mind go free and wonder.

Opening your phone every time you are bored kills your creativity and imagination.

Hope this brings so much joy & inspiration to you!

Just remember… this world is FULL of good and inspiring things! Make sure you’re spending your valuable attention on the important things!

Big love,