Precious humans,

Since quitting social media, I’m reading and watching SO much more + better content!

Stuff that makes me think, get inspired, understand better, have a cackle.

I didn’t have these feelings when looking at social media AT ALL.

So I’m thrilled to share these scrapbooks of inspiration with you.


Images That Made Me… Pause

via Early Printmaking

via By the Sea Photos Taken In England In The 1970s

Glorious Words

I’ve been thinking about blogs lately because I miss them. I am very attached to things that fade into obsolescence. For years, I wrote an obscure little blog few people read and that was mostly fine because I could share my thoughts with myself and three or four other people. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I was also growing as a writer, thinking more about how to tell a story, how to get readers to care about the story. But I was also an avid blog reader. Every day I looked forward to opening my Google Reader (RIP) and reading about the lives of complete strangers who seemed so compelling. A mother in Utah, a designer in the Bay Area, a foster parent in NYC, a baker in St. Louis, a budding filmmaker in Los Angeles. It didn’t matter how different the bloggers were. What mattered is how they made me want to understand the world from their perspective.

Readers still regularly ask me questions about starting their own ventures, about blogging and podcasting and book writing and the like. Every week in my inbox, they ask: is now a good (or good enough) time to begin? Have I missed my chance? Am I late?

I always tell them—and I hope I’m right—you are not late. It’s never too late to send something true or good or useful into the world. I believe that good work will out; there’s always an audience for the good stuff.

“All his reverence and all his fondness and all the leanings of his life were for the ardenthearted and they would always be so and never be otherwise”
– Cormac McCarthy’s ‘All the Pretty Horses’

Holy (or Hilarious) Videos


And if you only watch one video this year, let it be this one below: Life In A Day 2020.

I laughed. I cried. I held my breath. I exhaled.

It reminds me of Baraka – just 30 years on.

Gosh. What a gift. All of this.

Goddess bless creators, one and all.

Thank you all for sharing your magic with the world.

Big, grateful, inspired love,