{photo above is me + my cubicle buddies at my ole government job!}

hey lovebugs sml

I’ve been thinking about guilt this week…

And comparison…

And all those other little gremlins that get into our heads and make us think…

  • there’s something wrong with me if my biz doesn’t look just like hers
  • I’m doing it wrong if I haven’t made a zillion dollars in the first three days of having a business
  • I’m a failure if my journey doesn’t look like her journey, or hers, or hers…

Bullshit.  That’s the negativity talking, my goddess.  That’s the fear talking, not the truth.

And lovey, we’ve got to listen to the TRUTH!


This week I’ve got a question that I know weighs heavily on some of you beautiful souls who know your soul’s work and the work you’re doing right now to pay the bills aren’t quite the same thing yet.

What do you do once you’ve taken the biggest step toward living your dream? I packed up everything and moved to my dream location when I still had a job I could do via the Internet. Two months ago that job came to an end and it gave me the push I needed to start something of my own here, but I don’t have the luxury of time to wait for it to start bringing in an income, as I’m already on a very limited budget.

It’s only been two months and I don’t want to start doubting my idea or business, but the reality is that I will need to start thinking of heading back home if something doesn’t happen soon. I know that everything takes a bit of time, but how do you fast track and not let doubt clog up the manifestation process? I feel like I’ve already taken the biggest step towards living my dream, I just need it to start happening already!

Let’s see a show of hands, my lovelies: How many of you needed to work at another job full time or part time as you got your dream business going?

Imalookingaround… and there’s LOTS OF US. Including moi!

When I first started out on this crazy donkey-ride called entrepreneurship, I was working full-time.  I had a full time office job as an editor for the Australian Government at and was doing all my creating in my off time.

After a while, I started working part-time in my office job so I could spend more time creating.

And let me say something about my dear office job – I have never believed in the philosophy of breaking out of cubicle jail. Instead, I found a place to work that would give me an income while I played with my passions until I had a totally sustainable business.

It’s easy to forget that!  What you see when you come here is where I am NOW, but where I started out looked very very different! So lemme just say it right out loud for all the universe to hear:

There is absoloooodely NOTHING wrong with being a working goddess while creating a business.



What I would say to the panda bear who asked the question is this: Do everything in your power to stay in your dream location — look for another Internet job, look for work you can do locally, whatever it is.

But if it doesn’t work out, it’s not necessarily the universe saying no…. It might be the universe saying, “Not yet…”

What should you do if you do need to be a working goddess while you build your biz?

  • Find a place that doesn’t suck to work. You know – one that isn’t super awful & without a nutty boss.
  • If you can find a place that is flexible & allows you to go part-time at some stage, even better.
  • Not having to worry about finding money to pay rent while you play with your passions & work out what you want to do is really, really lovely. Having the back-up of a job’s money, structure & stability can be really healthy. It definitely was for me!
  • BRING GLITTER WHEREVER YOU GO. I’m convinced that half the reason my office job was lovely was because I made it lovely.

That’s the big shiny secret!  Whatever you’re doing, do it with love and passion!

I was the one at work doing angel card readings at her desk. I held a hugging competition and hugged 200 people in one day. I gave shoulder massages to other people. I wrote very silly weekly roundup emails to bring joy to the job. I interviewed people in the office to find out what their passions were and got them published in our work newsletters. I would spend my lunch hours uber wisely and do creative time and doodle on foolscap paper dream and plan my amazing biz.


{I post-it noted one of my work friend’s desk with love notes + affirmations!}


{I organised The Cheese Awards one Christmas which consisted of taking reindeer selfies with ever person to see who would win the coveted Big Cheese Award!}


{dancing in the back of a car with my two bosses. I remember laughing SO hard that day!}

I even took a three month stint doing financial reporting (yuck!) because I wanted to see just how far I could spread the glitter into the belly of the public service dinosaur. My findings?

People everywhere are open to love and joy and having fun. They just need someone to start it.

Once your business is built up and your prosperity possibilities have been worked out and fine tuned, then you can start the process of transitioning from full-time work to part-time work to full-time business goddess.

It doesn’t have to be an ALL IN, ALL OUT kinda thing. You do NOT have to quit your job in order to start the business of your dreams. My recommendation is having some balance, and doing it in a way that is fun, easy, non-stressy and in line with the evolution and growth of your business.


I repeat: You can have a job & STILL be a business goddess. Be gentle on yourself, dearest. Give yourself the gift of time to grow and have fun without massive pressure!

Having said all this: whatever you choose to do is perfect for you. I totally honour you! This has just been my experience.

And if you must move home, if you must go back to work, if you must find that job that will keep you sane & fed & clothed until your soul’s work comes to fruition —

Embrace it.  It’s your journey, and it’s exactly the right one for you!

I learned SO much from my years in a cubicle… skills that I never even realised would come in useful!

{I tell ya what… that stint in financial reporting is soooo useful in my biz now!}

Take your magic with you,

and make your miracles happen!