this is one of the wisest women i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.
her name is ellanita, she is 60,
and she is this amazing blend of sage, visionary and child.

she still watches kid movies
and when she laughs,
she laughs freely and wildly
like a whole flock of ducks launching off into the sky.

she giggles and snuffles
and the peels of laughter flow from her like a river finding the ocean in the air.

sometimes i get really serious.
like, lately.
last sunday at the spiritualist centre the message i was given was:

you’ve been too serious lately. you’ve forgotten your spontaneous side, your childlike side. you haven’t been laughing as much.

and it’s true.

my little eyebrows knit together, i become fixated on my to-do list
and i forget that the wisest people on earth laugh the most.

i’m off to roadtrip to be with two women this weekend, my two goddesses in honour. i’m off to go wear a new turquoise and lilac dress in the sun, be hugged warmly and deeply, discover city streets and just be free for a while. i’m off to shed this knitted brow and go collect that laughing silly loving sage girl of mine.

laugh your serious ass OFF with this and this.