Super excited to share my interview on The Smiling Soul Podcast with Lauren Taylor!

We dove into my life as a creative, and had an absolutely lovely chat!

Here’s what Lauren had to say about the interview:

In Episode 12 of The Smiling Soul Podcast, Leonie and I talk about:

  • Where it all began for Leonie, as an entrepreneur, and what it was like to take a leap and step into her purpose as an artist
  • Limiting beliefs around starting a business and how Leonie overcame them
  • Where to find inspiration and how Leonie sets herself up to embrace the creative flow – including her go-to music of choice
  • Who inspires Leonie and who her mentors are
  • What it’s like to not be on social media anymore
  • Marketing tips for business owners that don’t involve hustle or social media
  • The books that Leonie would give as gifts
  • Where you can soak up more of Leonie and her magical work

Ready to listen?

Settle into your comfiest chair, wrap those hands around a hot mug of tea and click HERE to listen!

Love always,