you are sitting in a tree
the wind blows your hair
your hems
the leaves and grasses
there are bits of sunlight
all over you

~ Michael Dransfield

:: only have 800 words to write on essay on above dude.
:: emotional as buggery. please let this be pms. i’m not normally such a prickly porcupine… surely? hmmmm.
:: want a hug from deb, maitri or clarity right about now. or my ma.
:: i’m so very hard on myself. i feel like i’ve failed, and i’m not really even sure what it is that i’ve failed.

chris just walked in as i sat crying at my laptop
he asked me how i felt and i said:
i feel like having a big bawl. over nothing.
so he said:
we’ve got a gym ball. how about having a big green ball instead of a big bawl?
and ridiculously enough, it worked.
i went out to the living room
lay on my belly on our big green ball
played with charlie
and i feel right again.
funny, isn’t it?

the moment passes when you’re busy looking the other way.