Ever since our little boy Charlie came to us

and began sleeping in our room

i have had… spirit kisses.

Each night, as I am wafting off to sleep,

in that space between awake and slumber,

I hear the patter of feet on the bed,

a wet kiss of a nose on my face,

a furry warmth pressed to my side,

then the patter away again.

I wake up, thinking ~

I should put Charlie back in his bed,

but when I open my eyes,

he is sound asleep…

and yet I am sure he was beside me.

I told Chris this morning about it.

It has happened so consistently,

and each time it is so warm and comforting.

And real.

How I think it might be Charlie’s spirit

kissing me goodnight.

Chris smiled ~ and said…

I wouldn’t put it past our Charlie.

Our Charlie.

Mischevious, wise, loyal, loving.

Divine and magical.

Earth angelic.