Studio Friday’s topic this week is Playtime. The delightful Tine encouraged us to find odd objects around the house, and paint with them.

It was delicious to let go of all expectation or conformity, and let the objects have their wiley way with paint.

Acrylic paints were used, along with:

:: a shell
:: some twine
:: my fingers
:: fishing wire (to drag paint around)
:: soft necklace string
:: a hair band
:: wood shavings
:: crumpled paper
and… the le creme de le creme
:: a soft ribbed piece of plastic called the “SCREAMER sexual enhancer” ~ purchased years ago on a road trip. It was in the bathroom of a truck stop, in one of those handy $1 dispensers. I thought it was so funny, I bought one as a memento of our trip and it has adorned my desk ever since. Using it as a paint stamp is probably not what the manufacturers had in mind, but it worked a treat. 😉

After using them… I immortalised them all by gluing them on and making them an integral part of the canvas.

*tons of fun*