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The topic over at Studio Friday this week is the Artist’s Uniform.

My uniform changes with my moods.
Usually it is shorts or jeans and an old t-shirt (mostly blue or soft grey).

Sometimes I wrap a scarf around my jeans for a skort look.
The purple crocs are a steadfast favourite.

Usually I have music playing in my studio. I choose it carefully, because music imbues the painting and my emotions as I paint.

Occasionally I need to dress up in order to catch the muse goddess that is wafting in the breeze. I was wearing the turquoise skirt above, and listening to R. Carlos Nakai’s “Desert Dreamer” CD when I painted the below “Desert Dancer”

And a pair of crazy socks never goes astray either…

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“There must be always remaining in every life, some place for the singing of angels, some place for that which in itself is breathless and beautiful.”
~ Howard Thurma