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Me: You have officially lost your cred as movie critic. Your last dozen movie picks have been horrendous!
Lover: But… but what about the last movie? I thought you liked that!
Me: The Girl Next Door? That was atrocious!
Lover: Really? Why?
Me: It had a crap plot and it was violent!
Lover: Well we watched that other movie last night, and it had violence in it!
Me: You mean Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous?
Lover: Yeah… that one. It had violence!

There is silence as I ponder this. He is correct, there was violence. Now what was it that made it so different to other violence.

Me: Yeah, but that’s different honey. That was police brutality in Miss Congeniality. EVERYONE’s desensitized to that.

Excellent non-violent watching:
DIY Network Woodsculpting with Pete Ortel. Riveting viewing… I loved seeing his quirky characters emerging from wood.