Hola gorgeous Goddesses,

Whenever I can, I answer an Ask Goddess Leonie question. To get your question answered, just add your question here. A sweet and shining goddess asked this question:

I know healing is essential… but sometimes when I start working on issues, it feels like more and more come up, and it becomes so overwhelming and hard and scary that I run away from them, and just ignoring them.

And that’s completely completely understandable.

Because doing inner work can be challenging – and there’s just you, in your own spirit, doing your inner work. It can feel lonely, and sometimes you can get to a point where you’ve run out of inner resources, energy or knowing what to do next.

Which is why I’m a big proponent of all of us finding, having access to and giving ourselves support for healing.

Using outside tools can be really, incredibly helpful to give us the support we need to keep doing the big, powerful, majestic, healing work we are doing.

Here’s some tools to support your healing process

  • Crystals
    They might just be pretty bits of earth… but I can’t say enough how much having some crystals around can totally help with healing. Whenever you are feeling unsettled or in need of extra energy, pop some small smooth crystals under your pillow while you sleep, or go to sleep holding a crystal in your hand.
    Choose crystals that sing to your spirit, or look beautiful to your eyes. Otherwise choose crystals like rose quartz, clear quartz or amethyst.
  • Meditation
    I know, I know. You’ve heard it a thousand times. So have I. The trouble with meditation is that it’s boring, and no impetus to do it. We all know how amazing meditation can be to feeling more peaceful, calm and centred. We know it can be healing. So let’s just make it really, really easy on ourselves to meditate okay. Load up your iPod with some meditation CDs – you could try out one of mine, Holosync or any other kind of guided meditation.
  • Herbs
    There are so many beautiful herbs out there that you can use in herbal teas to help with calming, settling and rejuvenation. Celestial Seasoning’s “Tension Tamer” and “Sleepytime” blends are beautiful – otherwise St John’s Wort, peppermint, passionflower, chamomile and nettle are all incredibly calming. This isn’t just sipping a cup of tea, sweetpeas. This is supporting healing.
  • Australian Bushflower Essences or Bach Flower Essences
    I tend to use Australian Bushflower Essences more because they resonate with this land beautifully. I’m a big fan of Transition Essence, Abund Essence and Meditation Essence. I also use their mists around my house – Calm & Clear Mist is beautiful, and Space Clearing Mist is my staple for helping clear old energies and make my space shine.
    If you’re not in Aus, check out the Bach Flower Essences range.
    The Auric Sprays from Feel Good Energy Shift are also magical and uplifting and supportive.
  • Healers, Coaches & Intuitive guides
    When I need extra energy, or realignment, or am just feeling really “off” and can’t seem to shake it, I use other healers. That’s right party peoples – I’m a healer, and I go to other healers when I need it. It’s really, really important.
    Here’s who else I can recommend:
    – check out in-person healers in your area.
    – I go to Tanishka for really grounded, insightful readings (available by phone).
    – If you’re after coaching, I’ve already tried Shannon and think they are completely lovely.
    – And I talk about her a lot, but I can’t recommend highly enough Hiro Boga as an emotional, spiritual & physical healer. She is the most gifted, powerful, potent, gentle and intuitive healer I know, and believe in her work so much. She does distance healings by phone all over the world.

I hope this helps make healing a whole lot less overwhelming for you darling, and a whole lot safer, sweeter and more supported.

Big love,