Hola gorgeous Goddess,

Hurrah! It’s that beautiful day of the week again… that ritual of making all or part of our Sundays switched off… logging off our computers and doing some of those things I really wanna do!

Why do I make it a ritual? Because… all of us know it would be better to take time off from being online… but as the days roll by, we forget to do it. By making it a weekly ritual, it becomes part of our gorgeous routine… and becomes integrated into our luscious life.

You can join me by taking off the whole day, the morning, the afternoon or just a couple of hours off from being online.

Just remember: Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader & all the blogs in the world will still be there tomorrow. Stop pressing refresh, and let’s go give our gorgeous goddess lives some soulful, joyful, creative time offline.

Welcome back, sacred Sunday!

What are you going to do this Switch Off Sunday?

You might know already what you’d like to focus on for your Switch off Sunday… but if you’d like some ideas, head on over to the masterlist of magnificent possibilities by clicking below:

I’d love to hear the story of your Switch Off Sunday!

If you are feeling called to sharing about your own day, I’d love to hear it and share it here. Email support@leoniedawson.com with your words + pictures. *mwah!*

Need some accountability?

  • Take a pen & paper out and write down how long you will switch off for, and what your glorious possibilities are.
  • Write it out in the Comments Circle & check back in later.
  • Blog/photograph about your Switch Off Sunday using the button above once you are done!

Happy Switch Off Sunday gorgeous Goddess!

big love!